This class transformed me. I came in as one person and got out as a more refreshed and knowledgeable coach. The coaching practice and the mentoring made me grow as a coach and as a person. My peers became a part on my journey and now I have all the energy and clarity to focus on getting certified and on my coaching business.

Mariana Gomez

I gained more from the Core Coaching than I ever expected. In addition to the knowledge, I gained experience, confidence and insights about myself. I feel ready to begin my new career as a professional coach.

Sheri Jenkinson

This class was a great experience. I learned so much more than I anticipated. I feel enabled to be successful in my coaching career.

Linda Harless

I love the size of the class and how you all took extra care to make sure the class would mesh. Great energy was derived from all the group. The trainers were very knowledgeable and I loved hearing insight from them.

Julie Carmichael

Great trainers! Great material! I highly recommend Core Training to anyone serious about establishing their coaching business on a solid foundation. The hands on activities and real life scenarios bring coaching alive! I look forward to Mindset Training.

DeNeen Attard