Daily Divine – 21 Day Focus

Join us for the next 21 days as we recognize the Divine in our daily lives. We will be posting pictures and/or brief descriptions of how the Divine presents itself in our daily lives. We invite you to do the same. Join us on FaceBook and post your Divine daily experiences.

This exercise will help to increase our awareness and our connection to the Divine. Change your mind and change your life. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Go to our FaceBook page now to check out our latest examples of how the Divine has shown up in our lives.

The time is here for you to shift your mindset, actively and consciously creating your life.
We will begin a 21 Day Focus starting March 1st.  Using this three-week time period is
significant, since it normally takes at least 21 days to begin forming a new habit. After 21
days of repeating a behavior, your body and mind go into automatic pilot on this new behavior
and receive it. But it takes 6 months to create a new neural pathway. You must consciously
focus for 6 months to own it. The 21 Day Focus is just the beginning.